New Witness Tree website

I am very pleased to announce that my new website for The Witness Tree project is live! I will be rolling out the 12 chapter portfolios – three at a time – over the coming weeks/ months. I want visitors to have the time to absorb the essays, photos and information in each chapter before I introduce new work. Here is a screen grab of how the whole site will look once completed:


For now, please spend time looking over the chapters on WHY / ICE / FIRE as well as the MAP that shows all the places I have visited and documented the effects of climate change. I also encourage you to read my recent NEWS and check our the SUPPORT and GET INVOLVED pages too.

I could not have made this website without the help of my friend Tim Donahue and his help in writing the essays and my web designers – Roman Jaster and Nicole Jaffee of Yay Brigade! 

I look forward to hearing your comments about the site and my work.

I had taken a break from writing on this blog while organizing this website but now that it is nearing completion, I hope to be making more blog posts about this project as well as current issues surrounding climate change.

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